Van een landelijke wedstrijd tot een gezellige pubquiz of lokale barbecue-avond: bij Energiehaven is van alles te doen.
Hieronder zie je of er de komende tijd iets op de planning staat. Klik op het evenement voor meer informatie en tickets.

mrt 30

Queer Boulder Night

 Zaterdag 30 maart 2024 
Join us for a fun-filled evening of climbing, games, and camaraderie.
 20:00 - 23:00

Celebrate Pride Month with us at Queer Boulder Night 030! Join us for a fun-filled evening of climbing, games, and camaraderie. Everyone is welcome, so come as you are and let's climb together! 🌈 sign up via

Walk in from 19.30 hours. At 20.00 we begin with a joint warming-up. The rest of the night will be free bouldering. Climbing is possible until 22.00, the cafe remains open longer for drinks. Don’t hesitate to bring games to play. :-)

Entry price:
€11,- (incl. rental shoes). People with a subscription check in as usual.
Don't forget to sign up via

Solidarity ticket:
Bouldering is an expensive sport. To make it possible for everybody to attend, we work with solidarity tickets. If you’re able and willing to pay an extra ticket let us know by sending an e-mail to, we then set up a solidarity ticket. If you have trouble paying the entrance, let us know via e-mail, so we can hand out a solidarity ticket.

Energiehaven has non-gendered toilets. There’s a non-gendered changing room available during the Queer Boulder Nights. It doesn’t have showers. If you want to take a shower you can use the gendered changing rooms. Not taking a shower is perfectly fine too: we love your sweat!
It’s possible to drop valuables behind the bar.

The climbing:
Have fun and climb in a way that suits you. There will be some of us walking around to help you if you get stuck during the climbing.
Don’t be shy to ask us, we love to help.

If you’re not climbing but you do want to hang out, you’re still very welcome. Please still sign up by sending an e-mail but you don’t have to pay the entrance fee. Get yourself some nice drinks and food (vegan options included) and just chat, hang out, play a game or read a book.

Please note: The gym isn’t open only for us. Although Saturday nights are very quiet, expect that there are other climbers as well.

For further questions, contact Queer Boulder Night 030 organisation via Social Media or e-mail